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Quickly create custom workout routines & let Exercise Timer keep the intervals while you focus on your class.
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An Interval Timer that everyone can follow

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Why use Exercise Timer for your Gym Classes?

Customizable Intervals
Tailor your class to suit any exercise regime: HIIT, aerobics, circuit training, and more. Design intervals that align with your group.
Audible Cues
Don't shout over music or ambient noise. Use clear audio alerts to signify intervals, allowing for a smoother workout.
Tailored Routines
Prepare classes in advance, save multiple workouts, and use them whenever needed. You can even share them with students!

Create your Fitness Class Interval Timer

Input your custom class workout easily with Exercise Timer
  • 2 Modes: For Reps or For Time
  • Color Coded Exercises
  • Group Exercises & Repeat
  • Drag and drop to sort
  • Add Exercise Gifs
  • Optional Custom Exercise Bell
  • Optional Exercise Metronome
  • Share workouts as a link or pdf

Craft & Share Plans

Design tailored workouts in-app, then effortlessly share with clients to do in their own time.
Customise your workout
Begin by utilizing the intuitive app interface to design a bespoke workout that's tailored to your clients' individual needs and fitness levels.
Customise your workout
Send clients a Workout Url
Once crafted, use the app's sharing capabilities to instantly distribute the workout. Ensure clients have all they need, including notes and tips.
Share workout with clients
Client can perform the workout
Clients can then access the workout on their smartphones, following along with clear instructions. They'll appreciate the convenience and clarity!
client follows your workout

Export Workout as PDF

What if your clients don't have a phone? 🤦 You can still share your workouts as PDF with them.
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Device Support

Try Exercise Timer on Android, iOS, Apple Watch & Wear OS by Google
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