How to Sell Training Programs on Etsy

Sell Training Programs on etsy

When we think of Etsy, handcrafted jewelry, vintage finds, and unique gifts often come to mind. But in the expansive realm of this platform, there's an emerging niche for digital products, including fitness and workout plans. If you're a fitness enthusiast or professional and are using the Exercise Timer app, you're already equipped with a potent tool to design and monetize your workouts. Let's explore how you can marry the capabilities of Exercise Timer with Etsy's marketplace to sell your workout plans.

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Before you start

Download Exercise Timer using the links below and give it a try. Try the sample workouts and pre-designed plans to see how they feel.
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1. Understand Your Market

Etsy caters to a diverse audience. It's essential to know who you’re designing your workout for. Is it a busy mom, a beginner in fitness, or someone recovering from an injury? Understanding your audience will ensure your workout plan stands out and meets specific needs.

2. Designing Your Workout Program with Exercise Timer

  • Craft a Unique Training Plan: Use the app to build Workouts catering to your target audience. The more specific, the better.
  • Visual and Descriptive Content: Incorporate a high-quality image setting the general feel of the plan. Use the Training Plan description feature to explain the benefits and techniques of every workout.
  • Use Exercise Gifs: Exercise Timer comes preloaded with lots of gifs which you can use to further ilustrate each exercise.
Step 1
Create your workouts
Begin by utilizing the intuitive app interface to design bespoke workouts that are tailored to your audience needs and fitness levels.
Customise your workout
Step 2
Combine Workouts in a Training Program
With Exercise Timer you can add your existing workouts or create new workouts inside the training Plan.
Share workout with clients
Step 3
Export Training Program as a url
Once done, use the app's sharing capabilities to instantly distribute the training plan to a url
client follows your workout

3. Preparing Your Digital Product for Etsy

Now that you have your Training Program ready as a url you can move on to creating your digital product.

When sharing your Workout Program url make sure to include the instructions below:

Client Instructions

  • Download Exercise Timer: This training plan is powered by Exercise Timer. Download the app:
  • - Google Play:
  • - App Store:
  • Open the link: Open the attached Training Plan link on your phone and Exercise Timer should open up.
  • Add to Your Plans: Tap Add To My Plans to save the Training Plan on your Account
  • Enjoy!
Step 1
Create a PDF
Use canva or another PDF editing tool to create a pdf. In your pdf make sure to include the title of the program, an image and a button with 'Open in Exercise Timer'. Also inclusde the simple instructions above.
create training program pdf
Step 2
Link the 'Open in Exercise Timer' Button
Use the url generated by exercise timer to link the button to your Training Program. Save the PDF.
Add teh workout plan url
Step 3
Test It
Make sure that when you tap on the pdf 'Open in Exercise Timer' button on your phone, the url opens in Exercise Timer and your plan shows up.
test the training plan button

4. Setting Up Your Etsy Shop:

Ensure your shop's banner, logo, and description align with the fitness theme.
  • Listing the Workout: Create a new listing for your workout plan. Use high-quality images, a catchy title, and a detailed description.
  • Add Digital Product: Add the created pdf as a digital Product.
  • Pricing Strategy: Survey similar listings on Etsy. Set a competitive price, keeping in mind Etsy's fees.

5. Marketing and Promotion:

  • Social Media: Share your Etsy listing across social platforms. Use snippets or teasers from your Exercise Timer plans to engage the audience.
  • Reviews: Encourage satisfied customers to leave positive reviews. These act as social proof and can significantly boost sales.
  • Updates and Engagement: Regularly refresh your offerings and engage with your audience by answering queries or sharing testimonials.

6. After-Sale Service:

Ensure that buyers can access and understand the workouts. Offer support in case they face issues accessing the Exercise Timer links or if they have questions regarding the exercises.

With the unique functionalities of Exercise Timer and the vast marketplace that Etsy offers, selling workout plans is a promising business. The key is to stay authentic, understand your audience, and continuously engage and update. In the world of online fitness, consistency, quality, and engagement are king. Embrace these, and watch your Etsy shop flourish!

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